The school is open to all qualified, motivated and pre-selected candidates interested in the metaheuristics field, and in any topic proposed by the school. Advanced graduate and undergraduate students; PhD students; Post-Docs; and young researchers (both academic and industrial), and academic as well as industrial professionals are encouraged to apply.

The expected school fee is of €400 for Master and Phd students, €450 for post-docs and research fellows, and €500 for all other kinds of participants. The fee will include all course materials, coffee breaks, WiFi Internet Connection, attending to the workshop, a guided tour, social dinner, and welcome party.

Applications to attend MESS 2020 should be received before or at most 5 March 2020. All accepted applicants will receive the notification by 30 March 2020 in according to the application time.

All fees will be increased by euro 150 after the early registration deadline (from May 2, 2020).

Those who plan to present talk or poster must submit the abstract in the relative section (deadline 5th March 2020).

NOTE: the application form seems to work better with Google Chrome as browser. We are sorry for this inconvenience; we are working for solving that.


Application Form

Poster Session: poster sessions will be assigned by Organizers.

Consent: please review the italicized text below and then click the checkbox to indicate your consent:

“As the submitting author, I attest to the integrity of the data and experimental methodologies used. I have given all abstract authors the appropriate credit and secured the necessary permission from the institution(s) and authors listed.

I grant MESS 2020 the right to publish my abstract on their website and secure mobile app, which are provided to registered attendees, and after the conference, make my abstract available by other interested persons.”