14th Metaheuristics International Conference

26-28 July 2021, Ortigia-Syracuse, Italy


MIC'2021 is focus on presentations that cover different aspects of metaheuristic research such as new algorithmic developments, high-impact and original applications, new research challenges, theoretical developments, implementation issues, and in-depth experimental studies.  MIC'2021  strives a high-quality program that will be completed by a number of invited talks, tutorials, workshops and special sessions.

MIC'2021 solicits contributions dealing with any aspect of metaheuristics. Typical, but not exclusive, topics of interest are:

  • Metaheuristic techniques such as tabu search, simulated annealing, iterated local search, variable neighborhood search, memory-based optimization, dynamic local search, evolutionary algorithms, memetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, variable neighborhood search, particle swarm optimization, scatter search, path relinking, etc.
  • Techniques that enhance the usability and increase the potential of metaheuristic algorithms such as reactive search mechanisms for self-tuning, offline metaheuristic algorithm configuration techniques, algorithm portfolios, parallelization of metaheuristic algorithms, etc. 
  • Empirical and theoretical research in metaheuristics including large-scale experimental analyses, algorithm comparisons, new experimental methodologies, engineering methodologies for metaheuristic algorithms, search space analysis, theoretical insights into properties of metaheuristic algorithms, etc. 
  • High-impact applications of metaheuristics in fields such as bioinformatics, electrical and mechanical engineering, telecommunications, sustainability, business, scheduling and timetabling. Particularly welcome are innovative applications of metaheuristic algorithms that have a potential of pushing research frontiers.
  • Contributions on the combination of metaheuristic techniques with those from other areas, such as integer programming, constraint programming, machine learning, etc. 
  • Contributions on the use of metaheuristic techniques in machine learning and deep learning for finetuning and neural architecture search, etc. 
  • Challenging applications areas such as continuous, mixed discrete-continuous, multi-objective, stochastic, or dynamic problems.

Submission Details

MIC 2021 accepts submissions in three different formats:

S1) Original research contributions for publication in the conference proceedings of a maximum of 10 pages 

S2) Extended abstracts of work-in-progress and position papers on an important research aspect of a maximum of 3 pages

S3) High-quality manuscripts that have recently, within the last year, been submitted or accepted for journal publication.

Accepted contributions of categories S1 and S2 will be published in the MIC'2021 conference proceedings. Accepted contributions of category S3 will be orally presented at the conference, but not be included into the conference proceedings. 

Proceedings and publication

Accepted papers in categories S1 and S2 will be published in the proceedings that will be available at the conference. 

In addition, a post-conference special issue in an appropriate international journal will be considered. It will be announced asap.

Best Paper Award

A best paper award will be presented at the conference. Only papers submitted in category S1 will be eligible for the best paper award.