14th Metaheuristics International Conference

11-14 July 2022, Ortigia-Syracuse, Italy

Welcome to MIC 2022


The Metaheuristics International Conference (MIC) conference series was established in 1995 and this is its 14th edition!

MIC is nowadays the main event focusing on the progress of the area of Metaheuristics and their applications. As in all previous editions, provides an opportunity to the international research community in Metaheuristics to discuss recent research results, to develop new ideas and collaborations, and to meet old and make new friends in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

MIC'2022 is focus on presentations that cover different aspects of metaheuristic research such as new algorithmic developments, high-impact and original applications, new research challenges, theoretical developments, implementation issues, and in-depth experimental studies. MIC'2022 strives a high-quality program that will be completed by a number of invited talks, tutorials, workshops and special sessions.

Considering the particular moment, the conference will be held in presence and online mode. Of course, in case the conference will be held in presence, the organizing committee will ensure compliance of all safety conditions.

Relevant Research Areas

MIC'2022 solicits contributions dealing with any aspect of metaheuristics. Typical, but not exclusive, topics of interest are:

  • Metaheuristic techniques such as tabu search, simulated annealing, iterated local search, variable neighborhood search, memory-based optimization, dynamic local search, evolutionary algorithms, memetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, variable neighborhood search, particle swarm optimization, scatter search, path relinking, etc.
  • Techniques that enhance the usability and increase the potential of metaheuristic algorithms such as reactive search mechanisms for self-tuning, offline metaheuristic algorithm configuration techniques, algorithm portfolios, parallelization of metaheuristic algorithms, etc. 
  • Empirical and theoretical research in metaheuristics including large-scale experimental analyses, algorithm comparisons, new experimental methodologies, engineering methodologies for metaheuristic algorithms, search space analysis, theoretical insights into properties of metaheuristic algorithms, etc. 
  • High-impact applications of metaheuristics in fields such as bioinformatics, electrical and mechanical engineering, telecommunications, sustainability, business, scheduling and timetabling. Particularly welcome are innovative applications of metaheuristic algorithms that have a potential of pushing research frontiers.
  • Contributions on the combination of metaheuristic techniques with those from other areas, such as integer programming, constraint programming, machine learning, etc. 
  • Contributions on the use of metaheuristic techniques in machine learning and deep learning for finetuning and neural architecture search, etc. 
  • Challenging applications areas such as continuous, mixed discrete-continuous, multi-objective, stochastic, or dynamic problems.


Nov. 28, 2021: Kalyanmoy Deb Plenary Speaker at MIC 2022

Nov. 18, 2021: MIC 2022 Proceedings will be published in LNCS Volume
(only papers in S1 & S2 categories)

Oct. 27, 2021: special issue in ITOR journal confirmed also for MIC 2022

Sept. 15, 2021: Christian Blum Plenary Speaker at MIC 2022

Sept. 7, 2021: Holger H. Hoos Plenary Speaker at MIC 2022


Submission Deadline: March 30th, 2022

Notification of acceptance: May 10th, 2022

Camera-ready copy: May 25th, 2022

Early Registration: May 25th, 2022

Late Registration: from May 26th, 2022

Plenary Speakers

Christian Blum

Christian Blum

Spanish National Research
Council, Spain

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Kalyanmoy Deb

Kalyanmoy Deb

Michigan State University

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Salvatore Greco

Salvatore Greco

University of Catania

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Holger H. Hoos

Holger H. Hoos

Leiden University
The Netherlands

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El-Ghazali Talbi

El-Ghazali Talbi

University of Lille 1, CNRS
INRIA, France

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Past Editions

Hamburg 2009

Montréal 2007

Vienna 2005

Kyoto 2003

Porto 2001

Angra Dos Reis 1999

Sophia-Antipolis 1997

Colorado 1995